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Soul Evolution Media’s courses are guide you on how to understand yourself and your business on a deeper level and use the newfound knowledge to showcase who you are to the world.

Getting to Your Core – Personal Marketing for Newbies

Nailing who you are, what you’re about & why it matters for creating a personal brand

Are you all over the place? You want to do everything – but in order to start selling, you need to get to the core of who you are and what you’re about. People never do business with businesses, they do it with people.

Not having a clear focus is the biggest roadblock that entrepreneurs, coaches and influencers run into when starting out. Getting clear on what you’re about makes all the difference.

If you’ve been marketing yourself through social media and other online platforms, stop and take this course immediately! You’re wasting valuable money – and even worse, time. 

In this course, we’ll make you laser-focused on what matters the most – you and your business. 

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Marketing Strategy Mastery

Create a marketing strategy like a professional that works for your business – and you

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