Are you ready to get unstuck, step into your purpose

& sparle?

The Universe Wants You to Be AWESOME… Are You Ready to Step It UP
Sara Fruman
Are you ready to step into who you’ve always known you are and who you know you’re meant to be?

I’m offering private coaching for three people who are ready to uplevel their lives, embrace their purpose and start showing up in their lives or businesses. This program will incorporate help aligning with the elements from your astrology chart, personality, and the seasonal elements.

This program is a spiritually-based, yet practical, action-oriented program that’s intended for those to wake up and start creating the lives they desire.

Together we will:

  • Reduce the fear, anxiety & stress that’s standing in your way.
  • Move out limiting beliefs and past experiences.
  • Visualize where you want your life to be.
  • Start making your dreams a reality through effective, personalized strategies & practical, daily actions.
  • Allow your dreams to happen through work that feels right.

You’ll receive:

  • Recommendations based on your life’s destiny, your astrology chart & your unique personality
  • One 2 hour kick-off call and clearing, followed by weekly hour-long sessions.
  • Unlimited emails, social media messages & bursts of inspiration.
  • Weekly calls & personalized action plans (verbal & visual).

I believe that every human is unique, so I’ll make sure that my techniques align with your needs.

Ready to start living in your purpose?