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Now’s the time for us to EVOLVE our minds, bodies, spirits – and businesses. 

I’m on a quest to help the best talent in spirituality, metaphysics, and healing grow their businesses through School of Sparkles’s community, online courses, and events.


At the same time, I have an active consulting business. I specialize in creating and implementing marketing strategies for a variety of businesses.

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Sara Fruman
Hey, I’m Sara…

And I believe in TRANSFORMATION. I’ve transformed my life, again and again, and will continue to do so.

Aggressively bullied both in-person and online from ages 5-18, I trained myself to be small. I craved an invisibility cloak to hide from the world. Yet, there were always signs that things would improve. As a child, my inner voice kept me from experiencing depression. It told me that I had a higher purpose – and that I was meant for greatness.

When I went to college and moved to Boulder, Colorado, things began to change. I started practicing yoga and my spiritual journey intensified. I became obsessed with transformation and growth – and decided to never settle. Now, I’m committed to managing spectacular, mission-driven healers and healing companies succeed through School of Sparkles’s host of talent management services, online courses, and events. 

I have spent my career helping brands & people shine online. I grew my online communities to hundreds of thousands of like-minded individuals and I’ve helped mindful websites achieve upwards of a million monthly page views. I’ve also published thousands of articles. Most notably, I’ve worked at YOGANONYMOUS, Wanderlust, YOGASCAPES, Gaiam, Curable – among many others.

I’m Passionate About Helping Healers Gain Exposure & Sell Online Courses

Want to transform more lives? Today, the most well-known healers are the ones who are the best at marketing. Yes, you’ve read that right. While most of these healers are fantastic, many are not, and the healers I work with are those who put healing first, marketing second.

That said, I know your gifts are meant for more people. I’m here to help you boldly spread your gift to a larger audience. 

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