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You know what the world really needs?


And now, I’m on a quest to help people find and own their divine sparkle in business, life – and everything in between.


Sara’s speaking with purpose-driven, spiritual people on what makes them sparkle. She begins each episode by discussing their astrology chart and what makes each person unique, before diving into their spiritual journeys and how they’ve arrived at their purpose.

She explores meaningful stories to help share light with the world in a time where we all could use a few more sparkles.

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Sara Fruman
Hey, I’m Sara…

And I believe in TRANSFORMATION. I’ve transformed my life, again and again, and will continue to do so.

Aggressively bullied both in person and online from ages 5-18, I trained myself to be small. I craved an invisibility cloak to hide from the world. Yet, there were always signs that things would improve. As a child, my inner voice kept me from experiencing depression. It told me that I had a higher purpose – and that I was meant for greatness.

When I went to college and moved to Boulder, Colorado, things began to change. I started practicing yoga and my spiritual journey intensified. I became obsessed with transformation and growth – and decided to never settle. Now, I’m committed to helping spectacular, mission-driven healers and healing companies succeed through my School of Sparkles.

I have spent my career helping brands & people shine online. I grew my online communities to hundreds of thousands of like-minded individuals and I’ve helped mindful websites achieve upwards of a million monthly page views. I’ve also published thousands of articles. Most notably, I’ve worked at YOGANONYMOUS, Wanderlust, YOGASCAPES, Gaiam, Curable – among many others.

Now, I’m spending my days helping awesome healers create media that transforms lives and market themselves to their ideal consumers.

Now I Help Healers Mindfully Market Themselves & Create Transformative Media

Want to transform more lives? Today, the most well-known healers are the ones who are the best at marketing. Yes, you’ve read that right. While most of these healers are fantastic, many are not, and the healers I work with are those who put healing first, marketing second.

That said, I know your gifts are meant for more people. I’m here to help you boldly stand in your power through creating media packages and marketing plans that spread your gift to a larger audience. 

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